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A framework for analyzing institutional gaps in natural resource governance

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  1. My First Pocket Guide to Idaho?
  2. The Outer Limits of Reason: What Science, Mathematics, and Logic Cannot Tell Us.
  3. 1. Introduction.
  4. Natural Resource Management Division!
  5. Natural Resource Management;

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Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment Program (ENREP)

Add to cart. Quick View. Conflict management mechanisms — support processes to manage natural resource conflicts among stakeholders. Participatory action research — collaborative fact-finding and analysis generates a mutually agreed upon perspective for action.

Strong local organizations, such as forest-farmer groups and inter-village networks are built from the bottom-up.


Livelihood improvement and environmental services. We work to sustain environmental conservation by linking it to farm and community enterprises. Provide opportunities for reinvestment by linking upland environmental services to lowland and urban communities. Policy support and law enforcement are essential to curbing illegal encroachment leading to ecosystem degradation. Collaborative management plans — build shared responsibilities and decision-making among all stakeholders through joint management plans of natural resources.

This leads to healthy communities and ecosystems. Participatory monitoring and evaluation — promote learning, trust and accountability through monitoring of the natural resource base and application of the management plan. Gender and social justice in access to, and control of, natural resources is the ultimate measure of the sustainability of community-based natural resource management efforts.

Climate Change World Neighbors communities are each affected by climate change in unique ways. Clean Water is Key A priority for all World Neighbors programs is for families to have access to clean drinking water and water for farming and livestock.

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Finding Alternatives to Pesticides Every year thousands of men, women and children are exposed to highly toxic pesticides, leading to permanent damage to their eyes, skin and central nervous systems. The conclusion includes a reflection on the need for further research to address these possibilities. Key words: communication networks; interpersonal communication; network autocorrelation; natural resource management; stakeholder groups.

RQ3 - Does communication within stakeholder groups have the same effect on knowledge and values as communication between stakeholder groups? If accepted for publication, your response will be hyperlinked to the article. To submit a response, follow this link.